Helping you achieve your God-given dreams!

I have over 30 years of experience leading churches and working with church leaders.

Contact me to help you, whether you are a church, a pastor, or a Christian leader who is longing to improve in an area of their life and ministry.


Sometimes we need a push in the right direction from someone we trust, and who has our best interests at heart. I would love to help you, through asking a lot of questions and giving some experience grounded encouragement.

Church Health Consultant

There are times in the life of a church where it becomes clear that things are not as healthy as they could be. Your church may recognize the need to grow in healthy relationships, in improving your welcome, or many other areas. I can use some great tools to help you see what the present reality is and what the next steps in your journey as a church could be,

Transition Pastor/ Consultant

Many churches are choosing to hire a Transition Pastor to come serve their church in preparation of their next full-time pastor. I can assist you as an on site Transition Pastor or come alongside your church as a Transition Consultant.

Can I help you achieve your God-given Dreams?