Book Reviews: Andy’s 2022 Reading Experience

I will be sharing a brief review of every book I read this year. Hope you enjoy and hope it encourages you to keep reading.

FIRE & WIND: Unleashing the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit – by Stan Jantz

Stan Jantz writes from the perspective of one who has not always understood or appreciated the Holy Spirit. The Introduction begins like this: “My name is Stan, and I have ignored the Holy Spirit for too long.” He then walks through his learning experience and what a difference it has made in his life to be more in tune with the Holy Spirit. This book would be especially good for anyone who has had little experience of the Holy Spirit in their life but who would like to know and experience more. He quotes from a number of writers of old who wrote extensible about the Holy Spirit, people like A. W. Tozer, A. B. Simpson, and R. A. Torrey. A great read.

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