If I Believed In Luck

Good thing I don’t believe in luck. If I believed in luck, I would have no luck at all. Here’s some of my good luck bad luck story from my last few weeks.

Bad luck – I got caught behind a snowplow on the highway and the pickup behind me rammed into me.

Good luck – My wife and I, as well as the people in the other vehicle, were banged up a bit but okay.

Bad luck – It was the weekend and no rental cars available, not even any cars at the place my insurance sent me.

Good luck – another rental place did have a car.

Bad luck – the rental car had to be returned to where we picked it up. It was a 14 hour round trip to drop it off, and then how would I get home?

Good luck – we were allowed to return the rental car to another spot which was only about a 9 hour round trip. Saved a little time.

Bad luck – in order to come home, my wife had to rent a second car to drive down and pick me up.

Good luck – we found a car to replace the one that was totalled on the highway.

Bad luck – within two weeks it was in the shop, for about 2 weeks.

Good luck – they finally got it fixed and we could use it again.

Bad luck – in less than two weeks we hit a deer with the new car and back to the shop it went.

Yesterday was another bad luck good luck situation.

Bad luck – my prescription for my medication had run out. We don’t have a family doctor and go to a walk in which was totally booked by the time I got there.

Good luck – I was referred to another walk in that evening.

Bad luck – by the time I arrived all the spots were taken.

Good luck – they put me on a cancellation list in case there was room and they would call me back. And they did!

Extra good luck – I ended up seeing a doctor who specializes in helping people with chronic pain. Being I was the last patient of the day, she took extra time to walk through what my pain is and had some suggestions to help me. She was the first doctor in a long time who actually understood me and my symptoms and the medication I was taking. She is looking for how she can assist me further!

Okay. I have no place for luck. I don’t believe in luck. I believe in a God who loves his people and takes care of them. Yes, we live in a world where not everything goes our way. At times God allows certain things into our live that are not pleasant, even painful and discouraging. But I am convinced that God is walking with me. When it seems that good luck shows up, I believe it is God stepping in again and again doing those good and wonderful things for us!

This is important to understand in our personal lives and also in our church or business life. God is interested in everything we do. We can go to him with our needs and He will step in. He doesn’t always fix everything, but he definitely walks with us in it. And sometimes, as Psalm 94:12 says, “Blessed is the man you discipline, O Lord.” God uses the different situations we go through, not to punish us, but to help train us to become more like Him and more effective in what He wants us to do in life. Instead of seeing life as bad or good luck, ask God what he wants you to learn along the way.

If I believed in luck I would feel pretty discouraged by now.

Luck? No way! God stepping in? Definitely!

Keep looking up,

Andy Wiebe

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